Clint Arthur & Dylan Stewart's Unforgettable Feast
Next time you have a meal at a networking event turn it into an Unforgettable Feast!

I learned this networking tactic from Clint Arthur who I met at Brendon Burchard's Experts Industry Association Conference, Santa Clara, CA November 11 - 13, 2011. Clint and Dylan Stewart, his business partner, created these tutorial videos to help you facilitate each step of your next Unforgettable Feast and establish yourself as a leader.

Here are your training videos...


This is the first tutorial video. It introduces the concept of Unforgettable Feasts.


Advice on choosing and organizing a restaurant, recruiting a wingman, and recording the event.

Recruiting Guests

In this tutorial, Clint and Dylan explain how to recruit guests to make your Unforgettable Feast one to remember.

They discuss who to ask, how to ask them, and encourage you to not get awestruck or allow your meeting to be overturned by the guests who agree to join you.

Food and Beverage Selection

You may think it's an easy thing to run an Unforgettable Feast, and once you watch these videos it will be... but until then, beware the pitfalls of ribs and rootbeer floats and learn the other things you should and shouldn't order to make your Feast an Unforgettable Feast!!!

Keeping Your Timeline

One of their more challenging parts of an Unforgettable Feast is having them run smoothly and keep to their time limit. At most events you have a limited amount of time for meals, so you have to make every minute count.

Within this tutorial you will learn the secrets of timing your Unforgettable Feast to get the most bang out of your minimal time frame.

  1. Introduction & Gratitude - 1 minute
  2. Your Story - 4 minutes
  3. Your #1 Takeaway - 1 minute
  4. The Cheese Ceremony - 1 minute
  5. What Makes You Unforgettable - 30 seconds

Keep it snappy...

Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

When getting ready for an Unforgettable Feast, it is important to be courageous, and willing to step out of your comfort zone. When you are willing to be uncomfortable and embrace the unknown, you are open to all the gold and the gifts that the universe has to offer.

This is where you are in your power.

And this is where you need to come from to run an Unforgettable Feast.


In this section, we discuss the first part of every Unforgettable Feast... gratitude. By starting with gratitude your audience will be primed and ready to go deep right from the beginning. Few people take an opportunity to be grateful and share what they are grateful for to other people, so you get everyone's attention right off the bat.

Also, gratitude creates an instant connection to the power of the universe. You and your Unforgettable Feast partners will literally be vibrating at a higher level as you tap into what you are each grateful for.

I am grateful for...

Your Story

One of the most integral parts of an Unforgettable Feast is "Your Story." This is considered the meat of the feast. You have 4 minute to tell your audience (1) how you are just like them, (2) your victim to victor or woe to win (3) your pitch (why or how you can help them achieve the same in their life).

You have 4 minutes, so it takes some practice. Here Clint and Dylan will show you what it looks like.

The Cheese Ceremony

In this tutorial, Clint and Dylan discuss the unique "Cheese Ceremony" section of your Unforgettable Feast. This is where you reveal what you learned at this meal and what you will be taking away from this table and into the rest of your life.

How to Be Unforgettable

In this tutorial, Clint and Dylan discuss the "What Makes Me Unforgettable" section of Unforgettable Feasts. This is your final opportunity to make a real impact at your Unforgettable Feast. Use your time wisely, and be UNFORGETTABLE!!!

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